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Benign Skin Lesions Removal

A often undervalued variable that can greatly affect a person’s overall aesthetics, is whether there are any imperfections on the skin. Do people that you meet tell you how smooth your complexion is? Do they tell you that you have really nice skin? If not, you probably have imperfections in your skin. Skin imperfections come in many forms but are ultimately commonplace in all of us especially as we age.  However, while some imperfections, like a freckle, add character to a person’s aesthetics, others can destroy the overall aesthetics of the face or body. Likewise, some imperfections can be dangerous to one’s overall health should the skin lesion be cancerous or pre-cancerous in nature.

It goes without saying that cancerous skin lesions are generally viewed in a different light and therefore are not really considered imperfections in the skin. They are potentially deadly abnormalities that go well beyond aesthetics and must be addressed accordingly regardless of the potential impact on a person’s overall aesthetics. Should you have any skin lesions that are growing, changing colors, itching, or even bleeding, definitely go see the immediate evaluation of your Dermatologist.

Benign skin lesions, on the other hand, consist of skin abnormalities like seborrheic keratosis, fibromas, benign moles, milias, viral warts, skin tags, xanthelasma, and sebaceous hyperplasia, to name a few. All of these benign skin abnormalities can pose different aesthetic problems for individuals.  The majority of these benign lesions remain small but can be quite numerous in certain regions of the body. Consequently, a high precision tool, such as a laser, can be used to remove these small benign lesions with minimal risk of damaging any surrounding tissue.

Sheen Vein and Cosmetics utilizes state of the art laser technology in the form of a Fotona Er:YAG laser to remove these benign skin lesions with little to no discomfort to the individual. The process involves initially anesthetizing the treatment area using either an injected or topical anesthetic. Once anesthetized, the provider will gradually shave off the lesion using the Fotona laser. The client should feel little to no discomfort throughout the entire process. The end result will be a complete or near complete removal of the benign lesion. Unfortunately, since skin lesions grow to different depths within the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin, complete removal is not always possible without risking scar formation. In such cases, the provider will discontinue the process in order to prevent any post-treatment scar formation so as to not affect the client’s aesthetic look.

So, if you have a benign skin lesion that you would like removed, call Sheen Vein and Cosmetics to set up your Free Consultation. Talk to our professional staff specializing in Vein and Cosmetic Treatments to learn more about benign skin lesion removal and all of our many other cosmetic services.