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Fotona Laser Hair Removal

Having body hair is just part of being human. Many adults see body hair as a symbol of maturity and adulthood, while others see it as a persistent nuisance that requires routine grooming in order to keep the hair looking good. A nuisance that many people could very easily live without. This is precisely why the process of Laser Hair removal was developed. No longer did you need to shave, pluck, or tweeze those unwanted hairs away. In the past, Laser hair removal was expensive and quite painful. Today, the second-generation Laser hair removal process has arrived.

Sheen Vein and Cosmetics now offers the Fotona high-performance Nd:YAG laser systems with FRAC3® technology, a new standard in efficiency when providing safe and effective hair reduction. The Fotona FRAC3 technology utilizes an innovative laser system that effectively and efficiently targets a client’s hair follicles with a combination of homogenous and selective photothermolysis.

The Fotona’s Nd:YAG lasers offers a revolutionary pulse-control technology along with a proprietary three-dimensional treatment pattern (FRAC3®) to effectively and safely reduce hair. Unlike the wavelengths and IPL treatments offered by other laser hair removal offices, only the Nd:YAG wavelength has been shown to be safe and effective on all skin types. Fotona’s innovative laser system targets surface treatment areas effectively while leaving surrounding tissues unaffected.

The overall effectiveness of laser hair reduction depends largely on the clients’ skin and hair type. Since hair growth is cyclical in nature, whereby hair follicles actively grow in periodic intervals and not all at the same time, laser treatments are only effective when the hair is in the active growth phase or Anagen phase. All other hair is considered dormant and thus will not routinely respond to the laser hair removal process. This is why laser hair removal treatments are performed in a cyclical pattern and over time. The result when performed properly, is a gradual reduction in hair growth over time. Any future hair growth will normally present as a thinner and lighter type of hair, and thus much less noticeable than before.

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