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Almost every adult has experienced the trials and tribulations of having acne issues. Fortunately for most, this battle with acne ended when they reached adulthood. For others, it can remain a constant nuisance or source of embarrassment especially if you are one of those unlucky individuals whose acne issues left permanent scars. In either case, acne remains a very common skin condition that occurs when a hair follicle gets clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Most often found on the face, chest, forehead, upper back and shoulders, acne typically appears in three forms, blackheads, whiteheads or pimples. Teenagers are the most often the ones afflicted but acne can ultimately show its ugly face in people of all ages.

Although there are effective treatments available, acne still remains a chronic issue for many. Just as one pimple or bump goes away, it just seems like another pops up, and always at the wrong time. For teenagers, this constant bombardment and perpetual battle, can prove quite challenging emotionally and aesthetically especially in the more moderate to severe cases where the acne can actually leave visible scarring on the skin. This is why the sooner these moderate to severe cases of acne are treated, the less likely permanent scarring will result.

For most acne sufferers, the first step in acne control is quite simple. Try using some of the common over-the-counter acne treatment products out on the market. When used in conjunction with routine skin cleaning, many are able to keep their acne issues under control. Should these products fail to provide adequate control, this is when the acne sufferer should take a visit to their primary care physician. The physician should be able to offer some stronger anti-acne prescription options or ultimately refer the person to a skin care specialist should all attempts fail to gain results.

Once acne sufferers reach adulthood, women more than men tend to experience acne flair ups as a result of the typical hormonal variations that can be seen with menstruation and pregnancies. Fortunately, contraceptive use have been shown to be quite effective in eliminating or controlling these hormonally driven acne flair ups even in the absence of any formal acne treatment

For most adults as they age, severe acne flair ups normally dissipate. This is why any sudden onset of severe acne in an older adult should compel that person to seek an immediate medical evaluation in search of a potential underlying medical condition that is causing the acne flair.


It is well known that the four main causes of acne are bacteria, clogged hair follicles, excessive skin oil production, and hormones. This is why acne predominately effects areas of the skin with the highest concentration of oil (sebaceous) glands like what is found on the face, back, chest and shoulders. These sebaceous glands are normally connected directly to the hair follicles located in these areas.

The type of acne that ultimately develops really depends on what happens when the hair follicle gets clogged. A whitehead results from when the hair follicle becomes occluded and the follicle wall starts to bulge. A Blackhead develops when the plug in the hair follicle is exposed to the surface and darkens like a piece of dirt in the pore. Underneath the blackhead, however, is a collection of bacteria and oil. When the hair follicle gets inflamed or infected, the classic pimple develops, a raised red spot with a white center. And on occasion, when the hair follicle gets obstructed, a cyst-like lump can develop under the blockage resulting in a tender reddish bump with an underlying deeper lump. Hair follicles that do not have oil producing glands connected to them, do not give rise to acne issues.

Factors that can worsen Acne:

So, what factors make acne flairs worse? As with most things, certain medications can aggravate acne issues. Medications that contain steroids, hormones or contraceptives have been shown to cause breakouts. Normal hormonal changes that occur with puberty and pregnancies or anything else that increases the level of circulating androgens (the hormones that increase during puberty), can trigger an increase in acne. A person’s dietary habits have also been shown to exacerbate acne.  Foods high in carbohydrates and milk are the most common although for yet unknown reasons. And finally, stress can worsen acne due to the increased release of systemic cortisol.

Common Myths:

There are some common beliefs that many people have regarding acne issues that are actually not true. How often have we heard that eating greasy foods causes acne? Well that is just not true. The same holds true for the belief that people get acne because they have dirty skin, when in fact the exact opposite may hold true. Harsh skin cleansers may actually irritate the skin more causing an increase in acne. And finally, the belief that excessive use of cosmetics causes acne. While some cosmetic products can worsen acne, products that are oil-free have never actually been shown to clog pores and therefore do not promote acne formation.

Treatment options

There are countless treatment options available on the market these days. When used in conjunction with routine lifestyle changes, many people are able to control their acne issues. In those moderate to severe cases in which these more traditional treatments fail to show results, many are now turning to non-traditional treatment options that have become available. One such option that is quickly gaining traction is the laser genesis acne treatment. A non-invasive acne treatment option, the laser genesis acne laser treatment uses laser heat energy to kill the bacteria that causes acne while also promoting epidermal regeneration, which helps to decrease the risk of developing post-acne scarring. The laser genesis acne treatment involves the use of a 1064nm laser to apply pulses of laser energy thru the epidermis (skin) directly to the bacterial collection underlying the acne. The laser energy heats up the acne follicle killing the bacteria and helping to liquify the oil that is occluding the follicle. This helps to open up the clogged pore and promote acne resolution all while helping to minimize any potential scar formation. When used by a skilled medical provider, laser genesis acne treatments can be highly effective in treating active acne flairs and serve as an effective long-term option to treating acne without all of the potential complications that can result from using the more potent anti-acne prescription medications.

So, if you or your loved ones are battling acne, give our office a call to schedule your free consultation. Let our team of specialists help answer your questions and start you down the road to a clearer complexion today.

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