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As we all age, it is well known that eventually our skin will all show the signs of aging. Whether it be the gradual appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or the development of age spots or other signs of sun damage that result from all those years of worshiping the sun when we were kids. Is there anything that can be done to help slow down this aging process? To answer your question, the laser genesis procedure may be that key to maintaining a more youthful you.

The laser genesis procedure involves the application of pulses of laser energy onto the skin. This laser energy penetrates the epidermal layer of the skin and heats up the tissue underneath. This heat energy promotes the formation of collagen under the dermis which in turn accelerates the regenerative properties of the skin. The result is a smoother and younger looking skin.

The laser genesis treatment has also been shown to be effective in helping to minimize fine lines, acne scars, facial redness and even rosacea flair ups. All of this potential benefit for a treatment that only takes about 30 minutes and has no down time.

For many people, the treatment itself is often compared to a relaxing, warm facial massage. Afterwards, your face will feel like it has a warm glow. It is the perfect lunch time treatment for those on a tight schedule.

Sheen Vein and Cosmetics is here to offer you a treatment that can make you look and feel better too. We don’t all need to age gracefully. Some of us want to fight it tooth and nail. Which one are you? Call Sheen Vein and Cosmetics today to schedule your free consultation. Let our staff of experts help answer your questions and begin you down the road to a more youthful and healthier you.

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