The Sheen Vein Minute

The Sheen Vein Minute - What Makes Sheen Vein and Cosmetics Unique?

What makes us actually unique is the fact that we actually address all facets of your leg problem. We are not just purely looking at the cosmetic aspect of the legs we are looking at the functionality of the legs, the circulation itself and figuring out what is wrong with your leg and addressing that defect within your legs to make your legs feel better, function better, flow better. We can get rid of that night time cramping that you actually have and we can get rid of that restless leg type problems. Make your legs feel lighter to some degree for some people and even get rid of some of the swelling they may notice at the end of the day. Not all swelling, not all cramps, not all restless legs type things are what they think they are and unfortunately a lot of physicians don’t recognize that.


The Sheen Vein Minute - What is Vein Disease?

There are a lot of misconceptions associated with Vein Disease. I think the general conscious within the general population is that Vein Disease is purely a cosmetic problem; the reality is it is a circulation defect. People look at their legs and they see the spider veins and the ropey veins but what they don’t realize is that each one of those veins actually represents a defective vein. For that reason when you start developing enough of those defects you start effecting how your blood circulates and that’s why people actually sit there and get cramps at night time, start getting the heaviness through the legs, and Venus ulcers type issues, and get restless legs type problems. Vein Disease does carry a cosmetic stigma but it also carries a tremendous amount of symptoms that come along with it that people think of as aging.


The Sheen Vein Minute - How do Veins Work?

The way veins actually work is unlike the arteries, the arteries are meant to bring blood to the skin. The veins take blood back from the skin to the heart it is like a return system. The way the veins work is if you take the vein and open it up you would see little one way valves and it would be going either to the skin back into the leg then to the heart or from the leg to heart. Now when people have vein disease, the veins become faulty and they start allowing blood to go both directions.


The Sheen Vein Minute - What to Expect on My First Appointment?

When we treat peoples legs we look at what is wrong with their circulation and find out what is because that is how we figure out how to treat it. It is not just a matter of looking at it and saying I want to treat it. We want to get rid of it as much as we can from the inside out; the cosmetic part just comes with it. You’ll be happy with the way it looks, but you’ll also notice how much lighter your legs feel and more energy!


The Sheen Vein Minutes - What Causes Leg Cramps?

I can’t tell you how many people tell me “well it’s my potassium level. I sit there and eat a banana and it normally gets better.” The reality is unless you have a preexisting medical problem your body is a very fine tuned instrument and it is normally pretty normal. For the average person that is not what is driving your cramps, unless you just ran a marathon sure I understand that, but if you are experiencing cramps in your day to day activities you’re probably not getting your cramps from a potassium issue.