Stasis Dermatitis Treatment in St. Louis

What is Stasis Dermatitis?

A common skin condition resulting from varicose vein disease. Often resembling an itchy, scaly, red rash, stasis dermatitis results from the underlying inflammation caused by the varicose veins beneath the skin.

Stasis Dermatitis


Various treatment options exist for the management of stasis dermatitis. Since the skin condition is the result of having inflamed vessels underlying the skin, all treatment procedures are geared in this direction. There is a temporary treatment available and a more permanent treatment option available. The temporary treatment involves applying topical steroid creams to the affected area. The steroid cream will help minimize the inflammation underlying the skin resulting in an eventual healing of the stasis dermatitis. This treatment is a “temporary” fix for the stasis dermatitis since the steroid cream only addresses inflammation and not the primary underlying problem, which are the varicose veins underlying the skin. The more appropriate long-term treatment procedure for stasis dermatitis involves treating varicose veins underlying the skin that account for the inflammation and are responsible for the development of the dermatitis. This is more involved because you are treating the abnormal veins within the legs. However, since you are permanently eliminating the source of the inflammation causing the dermatitis, the skin condition should heal and resolve permanently.

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